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Our Australian made training swimwear brand embodies the notion of passion, drive and the will to succeed in all endeavours. Established in 2012, Zealous have combine a unique and superior swimsuit style with seasonal fashion forward design and chlorine resistant materials to create one of the best swimsuits on the market, in the world. Together with our mantra “Strength, Courage, Inspire”; our products are motivating athletes all around the world to be the best athletes they can be… one swimsuit at a time.


Health & Wellbeing blog: By Libby Trickett

We are passionate about swimwear, health & fitness, positive thinking and inspiring others to live a “Zealous” life. So, it is with great pleasure that we launch the Zealous Health & Wellbeing blog. It will be headed by our own healthy lifestyle advocate, Libby Trickett! Just like all our ambassadors, the 4x Olympic Gold Medalist has a positive attitude towards life, love and her sport. Now retired, Libby would like to share her advice, tips and experiences with you. As a brand we seek to inspire greatness and confidence in athletes everywhere. Join us on our mission to inspire all athletes, big and small, to be the best they can be… in and out of the water!

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About Our Swimwear

ZEAL·OUS / ‘zeles / adj: To be consumed by intense enthusiasm or zeal. inspired by an active interest or passion

We are based in Queensland, Australia and have developed our unique brand using a expert team of Australian elite athletes, designers, textile specialists and machinists. We believe that anything is possible and through strength, courage and inspiration, any athlete of any ability can achieve their goals. As a brand, Zealous aims to provide a garment that allows athletes to be themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. We seek to inspire greatness and confidence in athletes around the world by providing an active swimsuit that is durable, fashionable and 100% Australian owned.